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Leveraged Freedom Chair For Disabled Persons In Developing Countries
image of the Leveraged Freemdom Wheelchair  
Grad studentís device aims to meet the needs of millions of people in the developing world.

MITís Mobility Lab has been working to design a device that improves conditions for people with disabilities living in developing nations. The project seeks to address the fact that fewer than 1 percent of the need for wheelchairs in these countries is met by local production; small local workshops simply cannot produce mass quantities of current wheelchair designs at profitable costs.

The MIT team is currently developing the Leveraged Freedom Chair design, built from inexpensive bicycle parts, with chain-driven engineering for moving over the mud and rocky paths found frequently in these environments.



Please check out their work at  the Leveraged Freedom Chair and consider a donation to this great project.


                 an image of the Leveraged Freedom Chair, being used in a third world country    graphical design representation of the Freedom Chair and its mechanical system

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